OilSTART NG is a concentrated mixture of nutrients perfectly designed to support the growth and photosynthesis of oilseed rape, sugar and fodder beet, sunflower and poppy. It is intended mainly for soils with sulphur deficiency. Modern fluid formulation ensures good fluidity of the product, which enables easy preparation of spray and good miscibility with plant protection products. Contained humic substances (lignosulfonates) perform role of chelates, thus promoting nutrient absorption through leaf cuticles preventing recrystallization and washing (90 % of applied nutrients are absorbed). Can be applied together with fungicides, insecticides and morph regulators.OilSTART BULGARIA 2017 01.png


Components: 25 g/l B, 3 g/l M, 25 g/l N, 990 g/l SO3

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  • Ensures the balanced growth and good health of the plant
  • Significantly reduces the stress caused by unfavourable external conditions
  • Supports growth and physiological processes inside plants
  • Excels for its high sulphur content
  • Sulphur and magnesium are essential elements for optimal use of the supplied nitrogen necessary for protein creation, but also for increase of the oil quantity and quality in case of oilseeds.
  • Resolves increased need for boron and molybdenum acute deficiency
  • Lignosulphonates help to improve the absorption and receipt of nutrients