Soufflet is a French, family owned, foods group of international scope. It operates in particular in the barley, wheat and pulses sectors. The biggest family owned on-farm buyer of cereals in Europe, it also operates on the international cereal markets through its Soufflet Négoce subsidiary.

In barley, it is a major operator on the world malt market with twenty eight plants in Europe, Asia and South America.


In wheat, it is one of Europe’s top millers with eight mills in France and Belgium. It is significant manufacturer too of plant bakery goods in France and Portugal, and also operates on the fast food market.


With Soufflet Biotechnologies, the Soufflet Group invests heavily in finding new added value for agricultural resources.

The Group employs 7,441 staff in eighteen countries.





3 may

Внимание!!! Условията благоприятстват развитието на фузариум по класа!

Уважаеми партньори, в отглеждането на пивоварен ечемик, ние от Суфле Агро България, смятаме за необходимо да Ви информираме, че годината предполага...

31 jan

Soufflet Agro Bulgaria at the AGRA

Soufflet Agro Bulgaria will be present at the International Trade Fair for the Agricultural Sector (AGRA)! The event will take place in Plovdiv fro...

21 nov


Уважаеми партньори,

Всяка година SOUFFLET SEEDS доказва предимствата на своята иновативна генетика във все по-предизвикателни климатични и иконо...

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