PHYTOTEQ – Educational club for Crop Protection

PHYTOTEQ – Educational club for Crop Protection Oct. 19, 2017, ALL

On the 19th October we organized the first meeting of the club Phytoteq to learn about the effectiveness of usage of products for crop protection.

The topic of the meeting was – Classification and Mode of action of Crop Protection Products

In the frame of this fundamental topic we discussed topics like organizing different active ingredients into chemical groups based on mode of action, specific products used for certain crops, absorption and penetration of CPP in the crop.

The author of the presentation Mr.Charles Andry, a specialist in the usage of CPP with extensive experience in France and worldwide, described in details the types of products and the factors, that can affect herbicide’s selectivity and products with different systemic effect.

The meeting of the club Phytoteq was accompanied by a live discussion on the topics of the training, including the development of the worldwide market of CPP and the increasing demand of generic products.

We would like to thank all participants for their attention to the activity of the club Phytoteq and for their willingness to share their experience of effective usage of CPP.

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