PodGUARD is a plant protector specially designed as a guardian to the oilseed rapes reducing the yield losses caused by pod shattering before and during the harvest. It creates a protecting film that prevents from pod shattering, improves pod filling and decreases pods´ fragility. This created membrane also protects the pod from rain penetration, thus enabling a shorter drying time for the pod. Still, PodGUARD does not limit growing and allows oilseed rape crops to grow to their full maturity. In the combination with desiccant increases its efficacy and protects the crops from losses.PODGUARD Bulgaria 01.png

Packaging: 10l
Composition: Polyvinylic Alcohol 208 g/l


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  • quick creation of protective film after application
  • elastic film increases pod resistance and reduces the problems of pod shattering
  • allows rape crop to grow to its full maturity
  • significantly reduces penetration of atmospheric humidity and precipitation
  • accelerates drying of crop after rain
  • reduces occurence of alternaria
  • improves oil content and TKW seeds
  • efficiency up to 6-7 weeks
  • supports efficiency of desiccants and can be combined in tank mix